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If you landed here, you've found the absolute quickest way to publish a web site. Blogger is by far the fastest and easiest way to get up and running on the web. Now, I could easily tell you about Blogger from some fancy website built on totally different software but I thought it would be best to show from a site built on Blogger with a Blogger template and all Blogger tools and gadgets. All you need is a Google account and you're on your way. If you need to get a site up fast, then this is it. I seem to always overlook or forget about Blogger and I don't know why because it's an easy, valuable and useful tool. Even if you already have a site on a paid host, Blogger is still extremely useful in creating links to your main site. You don't even need to buy a domain name, you can use a FREE subdomain of your choice but if you do want to use your own .com, you can that as well. As you can see it's a fairly well rounded tool and best of all it's free, excep

Site Publisher is NOT a Website Builder

Recently I was looking for a new web host, so I contacted live chat to get some information about the website builder this host was offering with their hosting plan. I won't mention this host by name but their live chat operator told me the sitebuilder they offered was called 'Site Publisher'. They then proceeded to tell me how good it was and I had a choice of templates and it was fully customizable. First off, let me say, Site Publisher is in no way shape or form a sitebuilder. Yes, you can publish a web page but it's not something a business nor personal site owner would be proud of. All this app is capable of is producing a temporary page while you're building an actual site. There is a choice of 12 single page templates covering different categories.  Then there are 10 pre-defined fields that you can fill in: 1) Business name 2) Tag line 3) Description header 4) Description (Describe your business) 5) Address 6) Phone number 7) Fax number 8) Email

Anti-virus on PC

Anti-virus on Windows PC or Not I suppose there are some instances where an anti-virus would not be necessary. If your PC never connects to the internet and if you don't download anything. Never connecting to the internet might be a tricky task as all PC's need to update. I guess I shouldn't say that either, I have a friend that never updates their computer and gets mad at the thought of it, saying, "Why does it need to update? It shouldn't have to do that!" Don't let ignorance be your enemy. I'll speak from my own experience. In my early computer days I went years without any anti-virus. My computer was very slow and I can only now imagine what it was infected with. Then I bought a new, faster computer and almost immediately encountered the 'blue screen of death'. With Malwarebytes and RKill I was able to get that computer up and running again but I always felt as if there was some remnants of that virus left behind. I installed a

Samsung S5 Photo Transfer

How to Transfer Photos: S5 to Computer This is a rather straightforward procedure if you using a camera but if your using a Samsung S5 then it's not an obvious task. At least for me that is. I've a lot of experience with computers but not so much with phones. When transferring photos from a camera to a Windows computer, the camera would be plugged in via USB, then the device would be found, drill down in the folders in Windows Explorer and then open the image folder within the DCIM folder. The first time I attempted moving my pictures from my phone to my laptop it was quite a frustrating experience. I found the folder easy enough but trying to open the folder was a different story as the image (camera) folder would not open or maybe it would open but there was nothing in it. So, I thought a little tutorial would help. I don't transfer images all that often so I still have to use this tutorial myself. Follow these easy steps to transfer your images from

I Gen

The IPhone Generation Perhaps you have a son or daughter or know someone who is never seen without a smart phone in their hand. My thoughts on this is, that through evolution, this generation will develop a third arm just to hold onto a phone. I'm experiencing this first hand, as I have a thirteen year old daughter that is on her phone nearly every waking moment. It has disrupted her social life, her private life, her sleep and just about anything else. She does have a social life but it involves the phone. I picked her and one of her friends up from skating, as soon as they sat down in the car they were both instantly on their phones and neither said a word to each other. I suppose I am partly, perhaps totally to blame. At the age of six I gave her a laptop. Then shortly after that her Mother gave her a phone and so it began. My thoughts with the laptop was to get her accustom to it and maybe she would pursue some sort of interest in online business or some sort of web

Windows 10 Update

Windows 10 Update on Compaq Presario Recently I installed the Windows 10 update on a Wal-Mart version of a Compaq Presario laptop. The computer has a 1GHZ AMD processor with 2GB RAM. Before the upgrade the computer was a little slow but still usable. After the upgrade, the computer is now useless. It is so slow I had to time certain events just to see how painstakingly slow it really was. I was trying to open an image from a picture file within the computer itself. I started the experiment with the computer off. From the time I pushed the start button to the time the image opened was an incredible 17 minutes. This same task before the upgrade was no where close to this time. Although I never timed the event before, there really wasn't a need to because an image would open in a reasonable amount of time. Why the big slowdown? I'm not really sure and I'm by no means an expert but I know that Windows 10 uses a lot more system resources and I'm guessing the che

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